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About this Resource

If you have been with Stitchdoodles from the start, you will know the SAL's used to be accessible from the Stitchdoodles Blog.

You can now access all 10 of these in this one place and have them available in your dashboard for as long as you like!

Please Note: Inside this resource are the SAL tutorials - if you want to stitch any of the patterns to follow along with the tutorials you will need to purchase the actual design from the shop.

All these designs featured on the blog before this was created

The tutorials for each of these have been saved in this one resource for those of you that still need them.

Any future SAL's will not be published for free here. Once purchased, you will be able to access future SAL's on your own personal dashboard for as long as you like!

Whats Inside

    1. How to Use this resource

    1. About this SAL.

    2. Strawberries

    3. Woven Wheel Flowers

    4. Lazy Daisies

    5. Little Doves

    6. Simple Flowers

    7. Geometric Design

    8. Splendid Pots

    9. Beautiful Blooms

    10. Tulip Pots

    11. Floral vine

    12. Berry Vine

    13. Traditional Band

    1. About this SAL

    2. Fox

    3. Acorns and Leaves

    4. Woodland Rabbit

    5. Bird and Flowers

    6. Pumpkin

    7. The Mushroom

    8. Wildflowers

    9. The Woodpecker

    10. Hedgehog & Leaves

    11. Hedgehog and Tree

    12. Bird, A mushroom & leaves too

    13. Sleepy Owl

    1. About this SAL

    2. The Cottage

    3. Making the cottage Pretty

    4. Flower Garden

    5. The Garden Birds

    6. Sunflowers

    7. The Duck Pond

    8. The Vegetable Patch

    9. The Chickens

    10. Apple Tree and Rabbit

    11. Bees and Hive

    1. About this SAL

    2. Butterfly's - 2 blocks

    3. Sea and Ice Cream - 2 blocks

    4. Sunflower and Bees

    5. Beach Huts and Beach Fun - 2 blocks

    6. Dragonfly & Daisy

    7. Strawberries and Poppies - 2 blocks

    8. Swift and Picnic - 2 blocks

    9. Hot Air Balloon

    10. The Puffin

    1. About this SAL

    2. The Fireplace

    3. The Presents

    4. Christmas Tree

    5. The Floral Banners

    6. The Wording

    7. Santa’s Sleigh and Christmas Bells

    8. The Reindeer

    9. Christmas Stockings and Sweets

    10. Mr Robin Sleeping on the Moon

    11. Sleeping Mouse and Snowflakes

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