Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Stitch A Long?

    Basically a whole lot of fun! You will be stitching a design over a set period of time. The design is broken down into sections and each section is stitched in sequence. It's a great way for stitchers to enjoy stitching the same design alongside others, sharing progress and getting help along the way.

  • What happens when a Stitch A Long Ends?

    You will have unlimted time to complete the design that you have purchased as it will be stored in your own personal dashboard within your account.

  • Can I sell Items made from Stitchdoodles Designs

    Unfortunately not. The instructions provided in all of our patterns and kits as well as the finished items made from them are for your personal use only. They must not be copied, reproduced or sold.

  • Where can I buy Stitchdoodles Patterns?

    We have a fabulous shop selling everything from Patterns and kits to lots of lovely supplies. You can find the shop here...

  • I'm a beginner - where do I start?

    The fabulous resource library is a great place to start - inside you will find lots of advice on all aspects of Hand Embroidery including Patterns, Tutorials and lots of inspiration to get you stitching.

  • Where can I buy the materials I need for my Pattern?

    You can purchase Fabric, Hoops, Frames and many more items from

  • How do I transfer the pattern to my fabric?

    I have covered this subject extensively on the blog. For light fabric I recommend Tracing the design on with a Frixion Pen and for dark fabric a great choice is white carbon paper. (Both of these items can be purchased from Stitchdoodles.)

  • What can I expect from a Stitchdoodles Pattern?

    Read the Stitchdoodles Pattern Guide which explains all this for you.

  • What is a PDF and how do I download?

    A PDF (Portable Digital Format) - is a digital file that is sent to you via email - you click on the link to open the download/pattern. You can then save this to your computer or print out for future use. I suggest you download it and save it to your computer for easy access in the future.